'Balfron Tower' for radia by the Burmuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts from Resonance 104.4 FM London Poplar, East London: Erno Goldfinger’s Balfron Tower hums. Melanie Clifford & Howard Jacques are two of the artists living and working there with Bow Arts, ...Read More

'Impure Waves' for radia by Stefano Gianotti for Worm/Klangendum, Rotterdam Impure Waves is a radio-piece for voice, harmonica, oscillators and mobile phones. It is entirely born during the author’s residency at the Worm Foundation in November 2015. The piece starts with a quotation ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME ‘A wise man, the wonder of his age, taught his disciples from a seemingly inexhaustible store of wisdom. He attributed all his knowledge to a thick tome which was kept in a place of honor in his ...Read More

Welcome again to another hour of amazing female electronic music makers. Female Frequencies showcases the works of talented women around the world. This time, hosts Rona Geffen, Kritzkom and Aschka talk to special guest Borusiade. Also featuring ...Read More

Griechische Schuldenkrise: Ursachen, Hintergründe und aktuelle Einschätzungen Wir interviewen Karl Heinz Roth, detaillierter Kenner der griechischen Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte sowie der griechischen Linken, zu den Ursachen, dem Verlauf und der aktuellen Lage in der griechischen Krise. Wir ...Read More