outpost-kino-anthem-185x1851With DJ SEEKS SAME

‘A wise man, the wonder of his age, taught his disciples from a seemingly inexhaustible store of wisdom.
He attributed all his knowledge to a thick tome which was kept in a place of honor in his room. This sage would allow nobody to open the volume.
When he died, those who had surrounded him, regarding themselves as his heirs, ran to open the book, anxious to possess what it contained.
They were surprised, confused and disappointed when they found that there was writing on only one page. They became even more bewildered and then annoyed when they tried to penetrate the meaning of the phrase which met their eyes.
It was: “when you realize the difference between the container and the content, you will have knowledge.”’

Featuring mutilations* of:

Rolf Julius
Huy Thuc (Soviet-Vietnamese marches)
Los Tecolines
Alaaddin Sensoy
Air-Mail Music: Vietnamese Gongs
Ruud Wiener and Urs Wiesner (Music for Marimba and Vibraphone)
Wei Li: Classical Chinese Opera
Ellen Fullman
Conrad Schnitzler
Bill Orcutt
Winnetou III Hoerspiel – Michael Poelchau and Konrad Halver

*No media was harmed in the production of this radio show