Following up on the idea of ‘altered.states’ – a geopolitics spectralized as much by sensory overload/dispossession, as by the re-location of power in the post-democratic/-digital era – ”GEZILLA DESTROYS ISISTANBUL” will re-render what is – or: was – referred to as ‘Europe’, ‘Eurottoman’, ‘Euronattoman’. Out-performing exoticism and choosing its own reference markers it will likewise engage the Golden Age Global Hologram Doctrine, ISIStanbul (TISAsistanbul), Anxt Hase States as it will feature modern isolation tanks as part of the new inventory of Hardcore Ultra Modernism.


2/5Bz - Kıyamet Askerleriyiz

Auktcyon - Doroga

Iskeletor - Such Iskeletory

Zs zs - Reactors

Kurzer Prozess - 129a

Istanbul Punk Concert 5.12.2015

Davud Sulari - Softa Şeriat

Diphasic - Backbone Dub

Bana Avenir Na Ngai - Bantous de la capitale

Ganst - Sprite Sister

Dj Scud & Christoph Fringelli - Ruled By the Mob

Mastermind - Cocuk