201607103_7_img_fix_700x700Ted Fendt´s “Short Stay” is one of the outstanding films of this year´s Forum programme. Ted Fendt is a young film maker from Haddonfield, New Jersey. He studied film production at New York University and is a projectionist at Lincoln Center in New York. Using basic means such as a 16mm camera and his personal circle of friends, he does something we rarely see nowadays: “Short Stay” authoritatively blanks out many contemporary conventions of film making. As films more and more rely on novels as a narrative framework, Fendt employs uniquely cinematic means of storytelling. His characters are not made of words but of traits that only the camera is able to see: the way the protagonists carry themselves, how they move around, how they converse.
Alexis had the chance to meet Ted during the screening of his film at the beautiful Delphi cinema.

Music by John Roberts & Gastr del Sol