TO THE LIMIT OF ENDURANCE by GABI SCHAFFNER He was a slender man of average height in his 60s, adressing the Lido with his back turned to the city. At first, there was noone around listening, eventually, later, some passer-bys stopped… just ...Read More

In der Folge #24 von ENDZEIT FREQUENZ beschäftigen sich Volkan T error & Toby Dope mit dem Album „Broken Beethoven in seven Parts“ was auf dem Istanbuler Müzikhayvani Label herausgekommen ist. Diesmal mit mehr Klassik, allerdings nicht beruhigend, sondern eher ...Read More

I started experiencing time differently, it came over time, trough a series of encounters. I got tired with the now, that came first, and the necessity of being present in it, while realising that knowing now at every moment ...Read More

paul visits baltimore and kimi hanauer, who leads raudio aasland on a micro-journey through baltimore's alternative arts network of people, places, ideas, and collective, non-hierarchical organization. plus some berlin sounds to wind it down. Read More

Was ist eigentlich Gesundheit wenn sie mehr ist als die Abewsenheit von Krankheit? Wie sorgen wir für unsere Gesundheit und für die andrerer? Wie kann es aussehen, jenseits von Selbstoptimierung, Leistungsdruck und Wellness-Imperativ für unsere Gesundheit und und unseren Körper ...Read More

Berlinale Special II: Interviews with Kate Lyn Sheil and Robert Greene, star and director of Kate plays Christine and Avi Mograbi, director of Bein gderot/ Between Fences by Alexis Waltz Avi Mograbi from Isreal displays the contradictions in Isreal´s society ...Read More