avimograbiBerlinale Special II: Interviews with Kate Lyn Sheil and Robert Greene, star and director of Kate plays Christine and Avi Mograbi, director of Bein gderot/ Between Fences
by Alexis Waltz

Avi Mograbi from Isreal displays the contradictions in Isreal´s society in an unbiased fashion, not only documenting but interfering with the deprecative and sometimes violent treatment of Palestinian citizens by the police and the military. His new film Bein gderot/ Between Fences is an intervention as well. With theater director Chen Alon, Mograbi went to a refugee facility near the border to Egypt. Men from Eritrea have been living there for up to ten years without ever getting the chance to connect with Israel´s society in any way. Mograbi and Alon do theater workshops with a couple of Eritreans, facilitating them to recount their escape from Eritrea and their current situation in the camp. With the depressing status of the refugees always present, it is fascinating how the group of men develop a very unite and sincere relationship.

Christine Chubbuck is a news journalist who killed herself in front of the tv camera in 1974. Director Robert Greene and actress Kate Lyn Sheil develop a very special approach to Christine Chubbuck´s life and her spectacular death: “Kate Plays Christine” is a fake documentary of Kate´s development of the role of Christine Chubbuck for a film that does not exist. We watch Kate researching Christine´s life, visiting the places where she lived and meeting former friends and colleagues. We experience Kate´s commitment and seriousness, but Christine Chubbuck seems to stay out of reach.

Music by Ali Gavan & Barney Douglas, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Lana Del Rey

Image Credit: Berlinale Film Festival