miko-pawlowki-julia-podzerwinska-400In this episode of Worldwide Maydan, we have compiled a collection of mostly electronic, electric and digital tracks from Ukraine’s contemporary scene. Additionally, the listeners will hear excerpts from a flashmob organized by the Ukrainian Hromada Berlin at Pariser Platz/Brandenburg Gates, commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the tragic bloodbath that took lives of the Celestial Hundred in Kyiv 2014, as well as samples from a lecture given in Berlin by the famous Ukrainian blogger/military expert Alexey Arestovich in October 2015. Positive vibes and lots of support to the current maydans in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Pristina, Kosovo. This episode is dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives in the course of the Revolution of Dignity and the Russian occupation of Ukraine (Crimea, Donbass) and the undeclared war that is still being waged by the government of Russian Federation and the corrupt Ukrainian government against the people of Ukraine.


1. Heinali - Piano Ghost

2. Onuka - Other

3. Julian Kytasty - Kossack Lament

4. Anton Baibakov - Luhansk

5. King Imagine - Miniatures #6, #7, #3

6. Ukrainska Hromada Berlin - Flashmob @ Pariser Platz

7. Olympic Snow - Live @ More, Odessa 2016 (excerpt)

8. Alexey Arestovich - Lecture in Berlin, 2015

9. Lollibou - The Crimson Tune

10. Georges Moustaki - Haiti Cherie

11. Onuka - Time (Kauan rmx)

12. Divky - Volodar Dub (King Imagine rmx)

13. Gutzul Magick Foundation - Handyman

14. Tik Tu - Malyusyki

15. Foa Hoka & Yevhen Hodosh - Zvuk, ty nihto (2015)

16. Indirecy-II - Paradise

17. Alex Kozmidi - Self-Healing (2016)