How Does The Smell Of Oranges Sound? - Part1: Apfelsine
ist ein Stück von Gretchen Blegen und “Plants and Empire”, das am 19.03.2016 in der Berliner Galerie “Lage Egal” im Rahmen des Projekts “LÍntru (INVADERS)” aufgeführt wurde.
Heute bei SissiFM ein Ausschnitt von der Performance. Bei “How Does The Smell Of Oranges Sound?” handelt es sich um ein Langzeitprojekt der beiden Künstlerinnen um die Geschichte, Mythen, Intrigen, Klänge und Wissen um Orangen zu erforschen. Neben den dabei entstehenden Texten und Performances mit Orangen, werden selbst gebaute Synthesizer live von dem Metabolismus der Orangenpflanzen und Früchten gesteuert.-> Da es sich dabei auch um sehr tiefe Frequenzen handelt, empfehlen wir, SissiFM#62 auf guten Lautsprechern oder mit Kopfhörern anzuhören.

How Does The Smell Of Oranges Sound? - Part1: Apfelsine
is a piece by Gretchen Blegen and the artist “Plants and Empire”, performed at the Galery “Lage Egal” on March 19th.
Tonight at SissiFM you can listen to an ecxerpt of this performance. How Does The Smell Of Oranges Sound? is a long term project by the two artists, exploring stories, histories, intrigues, sounds and knowledge around adn about oranges. Next to the texts and performances that the artists create there are also sounds by self built synthesizers that are live modulated by the metablism of orange trees and fruit. -> As some of those frequencies are quite low we suggest to listen to SissiFM#62 on good speakers or headphones.

Text zu der Performance/Text about the Performance:

We are beginning an epic research expedition, tracing back the origins of oranges. A history cannot be told in one evening, yet parts of a history can be told through a series of stopovers exploring different sources, embarking on the boundaries of discovery and loss. Language, sound, electronics, voice, plants and oranges will be our tools in this endeavor. Over the course of time, we’ll be revisiting and uncovering the lineage and context of oranges as we know them, as we’ve known them, and as we’ve never known them before.

Apfelsine, Chinese Apple, is the word we will begin with. Date: approx. 15th Century.

Plants and Empire

▪ Plants and Empire works with sound produced by plants, received by plants, transformed and generated by plants.

▪ Plants and Empire researches intriges, colonial encounters, cultural exchanges and knowledge around plants.

▪ Using this material Plants and Empire creates sound installations, live performances and compositions

Gretchen Blegen is an interdisciplinary artist, longtime supporter of books, and curious observer of light living in Berlin. With an ever-present relationship to books as a medium and praxis, the subject of language and visuals maintains a strong presence throughout the development and continuity of her work. Using installation and performance as an in-between partial, these works focus on light, observation and the subtly of sound in space. In Berlin she collaborates with various organizations and individuals - as a curator and a creator - based around performance art, dance and experimental music and within these frames continues to look at art as a continual exchange. Some of her collaborators are: Anna Aristarkova, Ruairí O’Donovan, Asaf Aharonson, Luka Ivanović and Plants and Empire.