ctmradio40_bild_300dpiAt tonight’s radio show we will host three special guests:

Andi Teichmann from the Gebrüder Teichmann Duo who are in recent years very active in Africa and Asia from Nairobi to Karachi to bring artists together from various regions for joint projects. Besides a huge bunch of musicians that are often gathered in a residency style jam session set-up they are also inviting visual artists to participate.

Joining in are also Faizan Riedinger a Berlin based musician from Karachi who performs under the moniker DJ Friedi as also Jaipur based musician Kalab (Ujjwal Agarwal) who is at the moment resident musician of the project bordermovement.

Zuri Maria Daiß and Oliver Baurhenn will talk, mainly in English, about the music scenes in Karachi and Jaipur as about the project “Karachi Files” that is summed up in a special release under the same name on the recently created Noland-Label of Gebrüder Teichmann.

The vibrant harbour city of Karatchi was the resident site of twelve musicians and artists from Pakistan, the Maledives and Germany that worked together for two weeks in a huge house in the centre of the city.

Another outcome of this co-operation is the special focus event on Pakistan at Hebbel am Ufer / HAU “From Inside to Way Out. Perspectives from Contemporary Pakistan” that will take place from 13 – 15 May 2016.

Peculiar perceptions of Pakistan meander through people’s minds. So “From Inside to Way Out” gives you the possibility to re-adjust whatever you thought about this country. Get a glimpse of its vibrant cultural production, the challenges of living in one of the most populated countries on Earth with the highest growth rate of population in the region.

Tonight, get a first grip on the sounds of the electronic music scenes of Karatchi.

CTM-Radio is presented and moderated by Oliver Baurhenn and Zuri Maria Daiß.

© Photo: Panlo Lauf

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