Summer Radio 2016

You are warmly invited to join and kotti-shop at Südblock for an introduction to, a summer radio live and direct from Kottbusser Tor! You are also warmly invited to participate in as a partner, program maker, or whatever captures your imagination. @

Südblock /  Admiralstr. 1-2

19:00 / 16 May 2016

Between June 17th and August 14th, and kotti-shop are joining forces to take to the Berlin airwaves on - with and for the people!  In cooperation with local residents, artists, musicians, authors, venues, labels and other partners, we aim to create an acoustic snapshot of this cosmopolitan microcosm that will resonate from kotti across Kreuzberg, Berlin and the world. Join us to find out how you can join in - or to let us know what you’d like hear from such a radio.

Kreuzberg has become a hotspot for issues that impact everybody in Berlin - from the anti-gentrification struggle to the empowerment movement for asylum seekers and people without residency status, to policing practices, to formal and informal negotiations of ‘cultural difference’, to city policy, Kottbusser Tor is at the center. Working from this space and context, amplifies the neighborhood and the city. Tune into informal kitchen table talks, drop in community shows, sonic lectures, readings and political discussions in which languages, generations, ideas and people all add to the mix of DJ sets, live concerts, sound experiments and street parades.

In practical terms, as non-commercial radio broadcasters, this is a  friendly counter model to prototype for the ‘Integration Radio’ recently proposed by the MABB (medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg). is much more about how Berlin as a cosmopolitan city could be broadcast, to and for itself, taking into account the diverse interests of its residents. Tune in! Or better yet, join!  Stay tuned for updates on workshops, program information, events and information on how you can participate!

Liebe Grüsse, & kotti-shop & is organized by and kotti-shop in collaboration with local partners tbc. It is made possible by a grant from the Berlin City government via the city tax initative.

*dependent on MABB negotations for the 90.1 frequency.