From Odessa to Kyiv, from Brussels to New York to Panama, from Jerusalem to Jamaica to Moscow and back to where it started - an eclectic trans-sonic geopolitical review of the whole wide world in less than 80 minutes. The latest Worldwide Maydan gogle-mogle uses only recorded ingredients (shaken, not stirred) to make geopolitacally incorrect comments on the most recent seismic upheavals in the grassroots resistance to the well oiled global go-go mogul machine a go-go.

Peter Hammill - Gog-Magog

Crucifix - Dehumanization

Curtis Mayfield - If there is Hell Below We’re All gonna Go

p.m. - Odeon

Багряний шлях / Bahryahyi Shlyah / - Wille zur Krieg

Roy Porter Sound Machine - Panama (snippet)

Cornbread Red - Panama (Van Halen cover)

Rolling Stones - Yesterday’s Papers

Багряний шлях / Bahryahyi Shlyah / - Prayer for Ukraine

Sergei Roldugin - Sonata #2 for cello solo

Cluster - Oh Odessa

Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks - Odessa

David Solid Gould - Peace (Shalom)

Курбаси / Kurbasy / - Gospodarochka (for Azov warriors)

Цирк / Cirk / - Bog nadai Ukraini energyi

Kozak System - Fuck off Manifesto

Багряний шлях / Bahryahyi Shlyah /

Joachim Kühn Group - Vampire Castle

Вагоновожатые / Vagonovozhatye / - Kamni

Atomic Simao - In Red

Variete Kontrast - Modernite

Jerry Seinfeld - a comedy sketch from The Visa

Fat Frumos - Kolyskova

Schleimer K - Red Flag to the Bull

AtomTM - Stop Capitalistic Pop

Eddy Grant - War Party

Curtis Mayfield - If there is Hell Below We’re All gonna Go

Багряний шлях / Bahryahyi Shlyah /