Casting, for by Soundart Radio, Devon, UK Broadcasting as spell casting – sending out our intentions into the atmosphere, allowing them to fall where they need to, affect who they may, and communicate our deeper desires, even when wrapped in ...Read More

for the upcoming shortest night of the year HOERMASCHINE50 will broadcast white nights stories. what would have to be done till this very moment? texts by zhernyshevsky, solzhenitsyn and dostoyevsky. Read More

Air Conditioning Fashion Lounge° by G:O;D Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Egypt Topics DIYChurch, NYC, Wall Peeler, together alone, Internet, DJ, Vinyl, Tape, MP3, no adults please, air conditioning, fashion, capitalism, cola, wall peeler & Dj shluchT in the mix for the ...Read More

Women* Space is Everywhere! - Radioliveshow & Discussion June 12th, 5pm-10pm, Waldemarstr. 46, 10999 Berlin about: 3 months ago refugee and migrant women* occupied the main stage of the International Refugee Conference in Hamburg. We want to talk about the motivation behind this ...Read More