Forgetfullness for by Magnus Oldal for Radio Nova, Oslo Forgetfulness is a mental sculpture. The piece starts with a session of relaxation. As you listen, you may feel a connection to new age or therapy. You should however ...Read More

saD nebeL rpätreitnes hcis aj llov nov netiekhcilgöM, se tbig eleiv nerüT eid menie* os nehetsneffo. naM* ssum eis aj negasuzos run neztun. hciS für hcis rabztun nehcam. eiD ebagfuA thetseb aj rov mella nirad eis uz psreäneh.  eiW os nie retla regthcistiew ...Read More

DOORS AT 8, SHOW STARTS AT 9! DON'T MISS A MINUTE! JOOKLO DUO! ORPHAN FAIRYTALE! CRÈME DE HASSAN! F CAVALIERE!! YA, IT'S HOT IN THE GERM, BUT IT'S SUMMER. WHADYA EXPECT! JOOKLO DUO "Blowing minds all over the world since 2004 with hundreds of charming performances and ...Read More

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(deutsch unten) Radio Live Show & discussion on the 17th of July 2016 at Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio (We!R). please come and visit our open air studio at Waldemarstraße 46 - there will be food and live music from ...Read More