#3 Gore-nalism & Butts. Horror
’31-YEAR-OLD WOMAN HUNG HERSELF: AS SHE EXPECTED TO NOT GET MARRIED ANYMORE.’ ‘TWO RADIO MAKING GERMANS ON THE HUNT FOR EXOTIC EXPERIENCES HEAVILY INJURED BY CATHOLIC FIRE CRACKERS.’ On dia de muertos the living and the dead drink together to celebrate live on graves … Such and more thrilling news about bruises, lust, hunger and death will be told and performed live with adventurous recordings, a spontaneous Noise-BigBand, music and poetryTexts by Joe Copplestone, Anuar Naime Zuñiga

Live Music by Julian Bonequi, Riff Daniels, Los Insectontos, Ramon Izaguirre, Norma Patricia Soria Pineda, Grinni Stangner and Sara Lehn