Olga Nosova
The work of this hyperactive sound-artist, drummer and singer from Moscow - now based in Berlin - spreads like a buffet over the planet. Between punk, experimental noise and jazz in various cooperations and performances her drumsets appear like playhalls full of noisy toys, link with acoustic instruments and stretch into electronic effects. On saturday she invites again to catch a morsel of her rhythmic cupcake sortiment.
(works/ed with: Silence, Motherfathers, Brom, Astma,…)

Born in Zaire, C-drík aka Kirdec is an artist based in Berlin. Not only is he radiohost of Staalplaat but also Syrphe’s manager, a platform, label and unbelievably vast archive mostly focused on alternative electronic and experimental music from Asia and Africa. His own music varies from electroaoustic to noise, industrial, ambient or electronica which he will present to you this week-end in a mixture with field recordings from the streets of Berlin.

The experienced drummer and extreme vocal artist from Mexico City is back in Berlin, where he once founded Audition Records, a more than alive hybrid project that by far overstretches the “just music” boundaries. As stretchable seem his vocal strings that make your ears travel from the mined centre of the earth into the broken throat chants and possessed primitive transhumanism. Some live collaborations: Vagina Dentata Organ, Berlin and London Improvisers Orchestra, Joachim Montessuis, (SIC), Paal Nilssen-Love, Gudrun Gut and Joachim Irmler.