Your Mom’s on the Radio Special Yo! Sissy Festival” edition presented and mixed by Magritte Jaco from Plateau Repas - also performing at the festival next weekend on July 29th and 30th! Yo! Sissy is THE queer event of the year featuring tones of live and DJ acts focusing on artists from the queer, female-identifying musicians and POC communities. You can check out how eclectic the festival lineup is via the track list of the show, from electro to urban, techno, house, pop… something for everyone to be happy and #dance2gether!
Get your ticket on www.yosissy.com and check Plateau Repas’ other festival mixtape: https://soundcloud.com/your-moms-agency/july-podcast-plateaurepas-yosissy

Forgive - Ande

Happy Bitch - Plateau Repas

Wut - Le1f

Shake it up - Hannah Holland feat Mama

Where is the Party - Hi Fashion

Everything - Maya James Cole feat Karin Park

Transhumanism - Plateau Repas (aMinus Remix)

Art Support Machine - Electrosexual

Cut A Rug - Will Sheridan

Fade - Laura Clock

Tropical Fever - Noblesse Oblige

Gray - Ballet School (Bernard + Edith remix)

Gravity - Simonne Jones (Peaches remix)

Cyber Dog - Mykki Blanco

African Mayonnaise - Christeene

All Love’s Legal - Planningtorock (Mokadem remix)