Die Gefahr der Optimistin-Bewegung / Die Gefahr der Goldene Generation-Bewegung
Die Gefahr der Golden-Integration / Die Gefahr der Opinion-Leaders , Inan6666 , Yikila Yikila ,Bergen, Tepelek, Nom,Diskoteka, Zalim Delay,Sid Bas,Huriyet

Motors of Golden Integration
Germoney University Starts Seminars for Golden Generation

Since the 1980s, they have been very active in the area of education in order to create the leadership circle of Turkey for the new millenium (2000s). They called the young people that emerged from this educational campaign the “Golden Generation”. Their calculations paid off: today, in the Turkey of 2011, they have important positions. All major departments are under their control: the intelligence service, the department for combating smuggling and organized crime - the infiltration there reaches one hundred percent. Within the units to combat terrorism, the proportion is somewhat lower. The first bastion captured by the Movement was the personnel department, which recruits police officers. The Movement is also very powerful in the police academies.
The ideological breeding ground of the movement was the so-called “Turkish-Islamic Synthesis,” that was to spread across all of Turkey as a result of the coup of September 12, 1980: it comprises a link between Islam with a nationalism that is crass in every respect.