– Lou Reed – Berlin
– Mark Reeder – Yorkstrasse (Taken from B-Movie Soundtrack)
– Automat feat. Genesis P-Orridge – Just Drifting
(Taken from Desire Will Set You Free Soundtrack)
– Malaria – Your Turn To Run
– Lüül – Morgens In Der U-Bahn
– Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People
– Die Wilde Jagd – Austerlitz
– Dead Sexy Inc. – Afterhours
– Terminal Twilight – Nightclubbing
(Taken from Desire Will Set You Free Soundtrack)
– Boy From Brazil – Le Claqueur De Doigts
– Peaches feat. Iggy Pop – Kick It
– Ideal – Erschießen
– Neonbabies – Spass Muss Sein
– Liste Noir – Mother
– Steve Morell & Monica Pokorná – Holding On
– Steve Morell – Outro Berlin Insane 2
(We Found Our Home In Music)

This is a un-perfect mixed set, more like a playlist, not like a notoriously accustomed DJ-Set, as its not beat-matched, cut or whatever, as the tracks I play in this set have different speeds, different genres, made by different nationalities and come from different decades as well as I am not a human “traktor DJ software” (never wanted to be and who needs it)! The set is played, mixed & recorded live for and at Reboot / Kotti Fm Studios Berlin-Kreuzberg just as the tracks jumped into my mind as they suit best together. It is simply made to show how the different style´s of music made in Berlin or written about Berlin for some reason fit together and have something certain in common .. find out yourself what this is by listening and diving into the sound of Berlin!