’ Make Surveillance Great Again . Make Turkey’s surveillance regime Great Again ’

The Mrs. Spywarezullah Kabataş word is the name of a district in Istanbul where a veiled woman was harassed by protestors on June 1, 2013 during the Gezi Resistance - an allegation made by then-PM Erdoğan.
“During [the Gezi protests], a daughter-in-law of a friend of mine has been dragged on the floor along with her 6 month baby nearby the Prime Minister’s Office in Istanbul. They harassed her and her baby,” he said on June 11, 2013.
The aforementioned headline aimed to defend AKP’s women journalist who first broke the news and interviewed the veiled woman in question. The veiled woman told AKP’s women Journalist that she has been assaulted with a group of 80 to 100 people who had no top clothing and were wearing black leather gloves. She claimed that the group urinated on her.

On 13 February 2014, TV released a footage of nearby surveillance cameras in which the allegations were refuted as the veiled woman was not attacked by any Gezi protestors. More than half a year after the debate over Kabataş, TV news in February released the actual footage in which no attack or men in leather pants were seen. Given the growing reaction and criticisms over the Kabataş incident that turned to be one of the most dangerous lies in the nation’s history.

She ( fake victim ) was the daughter-in-law of a Justice and Development Party (AKP) mayor from an Istanbul municipality.
Again and again President Erdoğan is using his extraordinary ability to abuse an issue to polarize society by implying that liberal women’s NGOs are indifferent to the plight of conservative women.
and on October 2015, who was then editor of daily newspaper which published a news claiming a kerchiefed woman was battered and sexually harassed during the Gezi resistance, explained the time he saw the article by AKP ‘s journalist Elif ;
“…’Journalist’ Elif enters the ‘interview’ she made with ‘victim’ bride [Mayor of İstanbul Bahçelievler district’s bride]. Editor of the page cannot hide his astonishment…He is asking a few questions to victim who comes to editorial office with the enthusiasm and proud of making such a grand news. The first question: Were all those told by this woman?..
Elif’s response: She was psychologically broken-down…She was in no state to talk. What could she tell? However, I understood what she meant!!!”

During the Gezi park protest, messages on Social Media as well as reports by columnists stating with confidence that a young woman with a stroller had been attacked in Kabataş became a widely used tool by Erdoğan in his political campaign.
The senior decision-making team at Spywarezullah Goldman Company considered the request legitimate, one that came from major operator Turkey’s surveillance regime through a middleman, Ankara-based networking specialists Company, and would ostensibly be used to track fraudsters. It formed part of a lucrative $6 million contract for Spywarezullah Goldman Company, whose technology helps Turkey’s surveillance operators manage internet traffic.Spywarezullah Goldman Company ‘s slogan ‘’ Make Turkey’s surveillance regime Great Again ”.
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