noplayReading with the ‘No play’” editors “What training do we need?” - talk between Lizzie Borden [on skype] and Diana McCarty

The ‘No play Feminist Training Camp’ took place in May and June 2016 in Berlin. The publication is an outcome of a collective process of editing and writing done by the working group; Annika Högner, Clara López Menéndez, Enna Gerin, Freja Bäckman, Merja Hannikainen, Vappu Jalonen, together with Bogg Johanna Karlsson through transcribing audio recordings, remembering, negotiating and storytelling. It is an assembly of materials from the No play Feminist Training Camp.

The radical right wing or what we consider neo-fascists are being legitimized in parliaments all over Europe, immigration has been made the scapegoat of the financial economic crisis, and fear and ‘security’, as understood by conservatives, seem to be the main political engines dictating the discourse. The alarming developments in the political landscape and the speed of those increased the urgency of working out what our feminist practices can do.

Lizzie Borden is a filmmaker and director of among others “Born in Flames” (1983), “Working Girls” (1986) and “Regrouping” (1976).
“Born in Flames” continues to inspire and agitate, it was screened at No play Feminist Training Camp. Portraying a kaleidoscope of feminist perspectives, the film disputes the utopian notion that a single sweeping social revolution can eliminate oppression for everybody, presenting instead an urgent call for intersectionality.

Diana McCarty is a founding editor of the award winning free artists radio, Her work revolves around art, gender, politics and technology. She co-initiated the “Nervous Systems - Quantified Life and the Social Question” exhibition at HKW (2016). She was part of Foreplay at ‘No play Feminist Training Camp’.

Diana once said: “B is for Black Feminism and Be/coming media. Q is for queer qualities. H is for herstories, mostly untold, but always using the media at hand. R is for radical radio. C is for a deconstructing a culture of Canons that only tells one side of multi-facted story
- and class.”