Nasreddin Hoca & Hitar Petar - Humor vs. Fascism - Aziz Nesin
” Nasreddin Hoca, the world’s greatest and oldest humor master
had foughted by humor, the oppressive and evil Seljuk Emperor
reign during the Mongolian invasion in the 14th century .
Hitar Petar, a Bulgarian figure was another symbol for revolt by
humor of the Bulgarian people against the Ottoman empire reign.
Nasreddin Hoca and Hitar Petar do not face off, they are together,
shoulder to shoulder..” Aziz Nesin (Humor vs. Fascism, 8.7.1977

2/5bz ’ Gezilla vs. Nationalemperors ’ April-May Tour 2017

@ Sofia Underground International Performance Festival 28.4.2017

@ Multiversal XB-Liebig Berlin 6.5.2017
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The senior decision-making team at Whistleblower Art Agencies considered the request legitimate, one that came from major operator Turkey’s surveillance regime through a middleman, Ankara-based networking specialists Company, and would ostensibly be used to track fraudsters. It formed part of a lucrative $6 million contract for Whistleblower Art Agencies, whose technology helps Turkey’s surveillance operators manage internet traffic.Whistleblower Art Company ‘s slogan ‘’ Make Turkey’s surveillance regime Great Again ”.

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” 10000 Years GEZiLLA ”

participants reached millions and when security and law enforcement started to attack everybody and everything I had become a target, too. They fired gas capsules at me but they failed to exterminate me. I have been receiving medical treatment for my arms for the last three years due to the injury after these attacks but the only official response I had get was “we did not harm your face”. We are confronted with a state tradition and model of hundreds of years which utilizes all vehicles of “hoştmodern” art (a metaphor for post-modern which could be translated like “shoo-modern”) such as copy-paste and collages. But as I said in my cassette which I released and on the cover of the Güzel Magazine in 1994, we are the continuation of a generation which oppressions could not scare “for at least 10.000 years”. The “Gezilla” character is based on events like Urban Je/Lousy, Gezici Bienal (2008) which refers to the fight of the “freaks” which had been thrown out of the center. One year and four months after Gezi and on the very first day of the attacks to Kobane, I have made an audio-visual performance in Batman with cues and images from Yılmaz Güney, videos where habitats of Gezilla are plundered and where the fight against the ISISTANBUL Empires both in the east and west is described.

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