Revolutionary Radio Remix: Twenty+/- years of radio experimentation

From the pirate radio and DIY shifts to the internet in the early 90’s, to the netzkultur moves to streaming, and back to localized DIY experiments with terrestrial and digital broadcasting, reboot’s revolutionary radio remix digs through its own archives for an acoustic journey through time and space. This live narrated audio excavation will focus on highlights of the last 20+/- years of rebooting radio.

Building on the art, internet and radio experiments by the Berlin Art Collective, Botschaft, and initiatives like nettime, Pit Schultz
went on to combine netzkultur with radio as part of the 100 day program of the Hybrid Workspace at Documenta X in Kassel. This was the base of what was to become in Berlin. Schultz and Diana McCarty teamed up to work with streaming and later, to found - Berlin’s award winning artist run radio. The model of horizontal networks from the net and deeply social editorial combined with localalized terrrestrial broadcasting technology was a new old acoustic space.

Data mining the archive allows for an audible history of Berlin’s shifting cultural landscape and interrelations with the world.
Streaming, podcasts, mini-fm, micro-broadcasting, open source software and other technical formats encouraged a whole generation of radio makers to take to the airwaves with sound, radio plays, discussions, and wildly weird award winning radio.

The remix weaves in and out of different archival material to tell a story out of time and place: featuring audio fragments from and with: Neville Alexander, Jahman Anikalupo, Franco “bifo” Berardi, Erik Davis, Kodwo Eshun, Tetsuo Kogawa, Janos Sugar, Wetterfrosch, Keith & Mende Obadike, DJ Officer Officer, Chicks on Speed, Stereo Total, The Toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum and others.

remixed by founding editors and radio practitioners
Diana McCarty & Pit Schultz