fullsizerender-8CHEAP Norway and International Queer Camels

CHEAP Funk is back with their dialectical queer quatsch. Today when the world is held hostage in the insane hands of hostile North Americans and Koreans, CHEAP turns to Norway, a country that only found its place on their world map after they saw the theater of Vinge/Müller/Reinholdtsen. The discussion moves between Vaginal Davis’s recitation of the life lessons of the Love Camel, DJ Nancy’s archival tour through international gender resistant singing and the first-hand accounts of the Norwegian theater innovations of Vinge/Müller/Reinholdtsen. Listen to the raucous tunes of Ney Matogrosso, Zeki Müren, Chavela Vargas, and Trond Reinholdtsen and get hip to the Love Camel’s Top 5 Summer Faves.