John F.M.- Alone- Alone- FXHE JFM2

Simonicino- The China Syndrom- International Smoke Signals- Mathematics 066

Mix Mup- After the job- Copa Jams- Hinge Finger 8675

Urban Tribe -Program 6- Urban Tribe - Mahogani 06

DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi- Main Bar Mix- Drippin’ for a tripp- Honest Jon´s 74

Fennesz - Before I Leave- Endless Summer - Mego 35V

Florian Kupfer- This Society (Betrayal Mix) - Lies BLK 06

Matthias Reiling- Doppelgänger - Probably me- Giegling 01.2 [sexism sux]

Leon Vynehall- It´s just (House of Dupree)- Music for the Uninvited - 3024 24

Grant- Hopes die slowly- The Lauren Bacall 001

Dro Carey -Freakee- Leary Blips EPTTT04

Lowtec- Untitled- Workshop 06

Robert Hood- Needs and wants- Hoodmusic 3- Music Man Records 138

Laurent- Untitled- Gene´s Liquor 001

Braiden- Paganini -Belfry Tower- Rush Hour Recordings 044

Fit feat. Gunnar Wendel- Roll out- Enter the fog- FXHE FNH

The It- Utopian Dream- The It EP- Alleviated Records 2229

Reggie Dokes - Black Lives Matter- Black Lives Matter- Rawax Motor City Edition 005

PT/B - Confessions- Confessions - Downtown Romeo Records #1

Levon Vincent - Tyner- Earth Tones 2- Soul People Music 002

Metro Area- Miura- Straight A’s - Environ MR1