The Revival of The CARAVAN for the rights of Refugees and Migrants Network

On Reboot FM 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam.
Saturday 7th of October 2017/ Samstag 07. Oktober 2017
Time/Zeit: 6pm/um 18:00 Uhr

It is also possible to listen to the show live online/
Auch online gibt es die Möglichkeit live in die Sendung rein zu schalten:


- The Revival of The Caravan for the rights of Refugees and Migrants – Perspectives of present actiivists. – An Evaluation of recent developments.
- The VOICE Refugee Forum October 2017 event in Jena - “Unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion” on 20-22.10.2017.

Nationwide open Caravan Meeting in Hamburg

For more on the programe - Read more here:

Hope you tune in on Saturday
The VOICE Berlin