VC Kristi takes over Your Mom’s on the Radio once again, this time for a special 50th anniversary of Berlin and Los Angeles Sister City friendship. She selected electronic, hip-hop and ambient tracks from our fav Berlin/LA artists and invited Sunday, recent L.A. transplant to Berlin,
to tell us more about the connections between the two cities.

Sunday - Only
Simonne Jones - Alchemy
Perera Elsewhere - All of This
Black Cracker - Stand Still, Still Stand
Autist - Peau
Actually - Fists to Cuffs
Rainbow Arabia - FM Sushi
Black Cracker - Chain Smoking on a Friday
Simonne Jones - The Silver Cord
Perera Elsewhere - Something’s Up
Sunday - All of the Time
Bana Haffar - Native Elements
Bana Haffar - Assimilation