CHEAP Funk marks the German film release of Bruce LaBruce’s film The Misandrists (2017) starring CHEAP’s fearless leader Susanne Sachsse as Big Mother by returning to its origins with a rare repeat broadcast of CHEAP Funk May Day 2016. Back then, we were just radio virgins learning the tricks of the airwaves trade, so we surrounded ourselves in the warmth of beloved long-term anarcho queer-feminist fellow travellers, from MeShell Ndegeocello to Angela Davis to Jean Genet and Chavela Vargas. You will hear Bruce LaBruce live in the studio talking about the production of his latest films The Misandrists and Ulrike’s Brain, both starring La Sachsse. You will be witness to an important intervention from Diana, our trusted and beloved rebooty fm host, when the conversation takes a confused and messed up turn. At a time when old Hollywood finally has to own up to its sexually harrassing male privilege and pesky power games and new Hollywood delivers the same tired sci-fi remakes that give us no vision of a future of gender parity, CHEAP Funk says, “wake up and smell the estrogen. I was a member of the Communist Party. I’m not a Communist anymore, but I still consider myself a socialist. But we’ll get to that later.” This one goes out to all the men in the audience: sit down, put duct tape over your mouth, put your hands under your butt. CHEAP Funk May Day Repeat. We’ve heard enough from you. We don’t even want to hear you apologize. CHEAP Funk May Day Repeat. Swallow your self-pity. There’s no room for your soul-searching on our airwaves. CHEAP Funk May Day Repeat.