Mo Loschelder and studio guest Rikke Lundgren are presenting Mika Vainio’s latest album „Reat“.
Rikke explains how some of the track titles were formed and talks about Mika’s deep connection to poetry.
„Reat“ had been the first release on Elektro Music Department in 8 years.
The radio show closes with “Schlingen-Bängen” by Charlemagne Palestine who was a close friend of Mika Vainio.
Charlemagne Palestine is going to play an organ concert at Sophienkirche / Berlin on Nov 14th, 2017.

Mika Vainio - Reat
1. Give ‘Em Hell Echo Pappa
2. A Season In Harar 1881
3. Horse Can Stand
4. Diderik & Iselin
5. Gear
6. -And Around Coils Of Horns
7. Ant Steamtrap

Charlemagne Palestine - Schlingen-Bängen (live excerpt)