Tune in! CTM Radio Show #53 /w Oliver Baurhenn, Antye Greie Ripatti & Zuri Maria

Oliver Baurhenn’s and Zuri Maria Daiß’ guest tonight is Antye Greie aka [AGF, poemproducer], an East-German artist and producer, settled for some time on Finland’s Hailuoto Island, AGF assumes a multiplicity of facets and roles – sound sculptor, poet, composer, gender activist, sound and new media curator. She will present parts of her 10th solo album and introduce us to Ida Pfeiffer, one of the first women traveling the world in the 1800s. AGF will talk about her performance at the Galerie im Körnerpark - a sonic “overmapping” of texts by Ida Pfeiffer. While Ida managed to emancipate herself from the gender roles of her time, her often subjective descriptions were informed by her Eurocentric values and ideas of morality. Confronting Pfeiffer’s diary descriptions with music and sound recordings from regions the author had visited, AGF invites the audience to an exercise in “unlistening” (decolonising through listening) white feminism. At the CTM Radio show AGF will play some parts of her sound performance, talk about her work in the Finnish wilderness and some important female rappers. Tune in!

reboot.fm Free Artist Radio from Berlin. Live @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt: UKW 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam.

IBM - Rechenzentrum
Earthquake Hymn - Moormother
Ashtottharam - Sivala Sisters
Drum Music of Yunan China - Drums of the World
Gregorian Chant - Gregorian Chant
Fungi - AGF
Pickled Juice Mix - ryj
Bills Bills Bills - Destiny’s Child
Nicki Minaj Defends Her Personality - https://youtu.be/qmj5uVbM-RA
and don’t forget: #UnlisteningWhiteFeminism to find all infos on AGF’s Ida Pfeiffer’s research
and find infos for the Exhibition Reframing Worlds / Mobility and Gender in a Postcolonial, Feminist Perspective
-> www.kultur-neukoelln & www.ngbk.de