sissifm94In this evening’s broadcast we have a conversation with Christina Ertl-Shirley and Paul Roth in relation to the series ‘(re)-Shaping Jazz to come: Dialogues with Recordings from the Music’s Past.’ Throughout the conversation we talk about titles, invitations and texts, about identity politics and about the problematics of being inclusive or exclusive in Berlin’s own (echtzeit)music scene.  In line with the series’ efforts to take jazz music away from it’s (now)-institutionalized roots and back to something fresh and reflective, two curators and two radio makers look at the complexity of how things are more than often easily said, but not done…and at the same time reflect on how it takes time to pinpoint the origin of a dilemma.

The next broadcast in relation to this series (for now at least) will take place on the 26th of November the day after the last concert on the 25th of November in your own ausland in Berlin.

Sissi FM @ re-shaping Jazz to come plays recordings which are put into dialogue as part of the series as well as recordings which are not, ponders about who re-shapes jazz and who doesn´t, follows and meanders on pathways of it´s own and visits some of the artists on their journey through jazz history up to the present.

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