CHEAP Mazel is not CHEAP Mazel Tov. We’re not congratulating anyone. Not ourselves. Not the city of Berlin for its menorah next to the Christmas tree at Brandenburg Gate. Not a city in the Middle East for being named the new location of the orange one’s embassy. Don’t get us wrong: we’re all for Jewish culture. It is Chanukah after all. But we don’t buy the idea that support for Israel represents a de facto love of, respect for or even interest in Jewish culture. Supporting Israel doesn’t cleanse one of or protect one from anti-semitism. I mean just look at the scummy evangelicals rallying behind the orange one with their end-times desires that ain’t about making the world a better place for us Jews, Muslims and non-believers. It’s about flying off to heaven without us, right? A warped Busby Berkeley musical scene directed by Mel Brooks? Well, now it sounds kinda interesting. Wow. Politics reached up and grabbed me from below. That’s why we need CHEAP Mazel. Drops from above. A little bit of luck, right? CHEAP Funk celebrates Chanukah by collecting some of the drops from our radio shows in 2017 and playing them back for you with live commentary. Some Mazel from the past for the present and future. A little politics, a little punk, some surprise tunes and unexpected guests. Listen to Yiddish-English singing sensation Mickey Katz about his sixteen tons of latkes. Sephardic Jew Eydie Gormé and her hubbie Steve Lawrence got a lot of livin’ to do. Sweet-voiced Algerian Sephardic Jew Lili Boniche recounts a story of love. Don’t forget lesbian icon Laura Nyro from the Bronx or the Jewish lesbian folksinger and Los Angeles punk pioneer Phranc, who was in the earliest queercore band Nervous Gender in 1978 plus punk band Catholic Discipline and all girl feminist punk band Castration Squad with Alice Bag. What about the Barry Sisters? The soundtrack to the Allan Moyle film Times Square? Jewish? Sure, why not? When you’re in love, the whole world’s Jewish. We’re in love. CHEAP Mazel. Some drops from above. Some drop in, like Angela Anderson and Alena Williams who remind us what the CIA did for abstract expressionism. Mel Brooks sets the Spanish Inquisition to music. “What you oughtn’t to do, but you do anyway.” That could be our credo here on CHEAP Funk. Chris Dercon’s Volksbühne co-conspirator, Marietta Piekenbrock speaks to Ulrich Seidler from the Berliner Zeitung and sounds like the orange one or like someone reciting jargon from a “How to” book on transforming an exciting theater into a neoliberal cultural establishment for the global traveller. What she oughtn’t to do, but she does anyway. Speaking of “oughtn’t to do”: don’t forget CHEAPs own Vaginal Davis with her borscht-belt speed metal band PME and their rendition of Hava Nagila. Oh, and Babs can see forever on a clear day, of course. Don’t mind us. We’re just celebrating Chanukah with reflections on the problematics of our cloudy days, great yiddish music, punk tunes and Jewish humor. A little bit of luck. Some drops from above. CHEAP Funk. CHEAP Mazel.