The equilibrium, respectively layers which have changed in the Golden Age and the increasingly escalating and booming 3rd warfare of shares of the bosses among themselves. In this new age, any persons who trip up both sides with their existence turn into a target. And this can happen to anyone.

While surveillance technologies exported to brutal dictatorships all around the world and the number of people trailed by Thor1071 Oligarch model showy and shiny haired Alt-Chiefs, TV serials and sub-culture icons is increasing, the Art of Deception execution meets the persons in the target. This can happen to anyone.

They may meet you in a suspicious manner and enter into your life, they may offer you free room, a job or a free journey by plane and after that, when utility or requests are not fulfilled they may demand a signed paper and money for sex they had with you in the past. They may start to surveillance your computer and phone, they may tell you that they can hear and see you, and may send negative messages to your contacts, they may perform magic “shows” like calling via somebody else’s phone number without such person knowing this, they may attempt to commit suicide whereas trying also to spread the news to the environment that you would be responsible for such suicide, and may send you messages with threats that all newspapers would tell headline this suicide.
and ‘fake victim blog posts will occur concurrently whereas such as persons will start to apply “false flag operations” and “honey traps” - “dirty tricks” tactics and may try to ruin the reputation of the target ’ i will ruin your career ! ’ , and may force target to pay money .

yet appearing like bad copies of persons under influence of’ police friendly “person of interest” agencies masked in opponent attitude and their methods which generally use traumatic persons as cheap labors. That means, this is like the operation of agencies built in multi channels by one single order: monotheism but in stereo !

* K.O.F.Y - Mugabe’s Lunch
* Plastiks - Die Deutsche Bank
* Lux Alt - Right Stalkers
* Negativland - It’s All In Your Head
* Wadadda - Under Black Light
* Tampon - T.C.
* Gunjack - Murda
* Body Count - Black Hoodie
* Prophets of Rage - Strength In Numbers
* Sect - Dreaming
* Malazlar - Güneydoğu
* Ret - Müdür
* Rapzan Belagat - Onlar
* Godflesh - In Your Shadow
* 2/5BZ - Yokmuş Varmış (Peel Show 1998)
* NATO - Penis
* Cemiyette Pişiyorum - Kara Ağaç
* Praxis - Anonymous Series Volume One
* Σωκράτης Μάλαμας & Μαρία Θωίδου - Το Γεφύρι Της Δράμας

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