With this full length radio-feature, Anna Bromley produced a satellite-exhibit for her karaoke-machine in the frame of the exhibition “Dissident Desire - Terrain of Threshold Voices” (district Berlin: 2013). Both, the karaoke lines and the radio program consist of interviews and conversations with Berliners of various backgrounds about their perspective on the right to the city. While in the daytime, visitors could lend their voice-bodies to the text-videos of the karaoke-interface, the original voice recordings were aired in the evening hours, when the gallery space was closed.
The radio-feature takes the famous forgotten Berlin suitcase of Aldo Pinellis` song and John F. Kennedys` iconical 1963-adress “Let them come to Berlin” as point of departure, and includes talks with Seyran Ates (lawyer), Bui Kim-Dinh (archeologist), Daniel Brunet (artistic director, English Theatre), H. (guardian for underaged refugees), Fernando Jimenez (architect, urban planer), Kilomètre (street musician), an anonymous activist from the Refugee`s Movement camp at Oranienplatz), and a song by Yok Quetschenpower. With the voices of Michael Fesca, Corinne Lembe-Mayunga and Klara Kußmann.