This is a show with and about migrant domestic workers in Hongkong. It´s a show about a sundays in the park, about life and work, about injustice, solidarity, empowerment, friendship and fighting together. It´s a show about forced migration, about complex relations, about economy and racism, and about weird causalities and interactions between different people and protests.

Today we´ll get an introduction about working abroad, the legal situation, its consequences and protests, SissiFM 43 will be about reasons to come here, feelings about being here, about political strategies and communication between migrant domestic workers and locals and their sometimes empowering, sometimes confusing results. Tune in again 3.5.2015!

With: Sonia Bullong from the Asia Pacific Migrants Mission, Baneng Mendez from the Cordillera Peoples Alliance Hongkong, Sring from the Indonesian Migrant Workers Union, Rendy Warsiating from the Association of indonesian Migrant workers, Rose and Diane from the Sadanga Organisation, Nica from the Kalinga Organisation, Ip Fish from the International Domestic Workers Federation, Betty Buaken and Ah Fei and the voices of many women on Chater Road, in Kowloon Park, in Victoria Park, in the splash swim school and on the bus.