CHEAP Internet

You wanna know my story, babe. It’s easy. This is the generation who grew up and forgot to lead their lives.” How do you get it on with the internet? How do you use your nips? Is your clit wired into the network? Is your dildo part of the internet of things? Where are the weak points in this diagrammatic of nodes and lines? Is it in the negative space? CHEAP FUNK turns to rural West Virginia-born, London-based artist and theorist Zach Blas to discuss the contra-internet. CHEAP Internet. Contra-Internet. This is the title of a new film by Zach Blas starring CHEAPS own Susanne Sachsse alongside Cassils, Raquel Gutiérrez and others, and premiering at the 68th Berlinale in the Forum Expanded section. But it is also the name of an installation that Blas presented at the Transmediale and other art galleries internationally. And it is the name of a text that Blas wrote which was published in e-flux journal #74 in 2016. Beyond its physical manifestation as film, installation and text, contra-internet is also a concept that (inspired by Paul Preciado’s Contra-Sexual Manifesto) is meant (to paraphrase Le Tigre) to get us off the normative gendered and sexualized regime of the internet. Off the internet and into the streets. Get yourself off in the streets, not on the internet. “Destroy the right wing.” But how to do this? Maybe Derek Jarman has the answer. Blas turns to Jarman’s 1978 punk classic Jubilee as a model for his investigation of pre- and post-Internet life. Jubilee 2033 is the subtitle of his film. An array of fascinating, if despicable, figures peoples this Silicon Beach Blanket Bingo film extravanganza, including Ayn Rand and Alan Greenspan. At least Peter Thiel only turns up dead. Maybe Mr. Musky will follow, and a domino effect will take place in which all the pimple-nosed, vampiristic blood sucking white boy billionaires will tumble in their wake. The Fall could help speed things along. As could M.I.A., The Moldy Peaches, Joe Meek, Public Enemy, Kleenex, Caetano Veloso, Astrud Gilberto and Jackie Shane. CHEAP Funk. CHEAP Internet. A talk with Zach Blas, lots of great music and the reading of the text. “It’s power, babe, power. I don’t create it. I own it. I sucked and sucked and I sucked.”