imageASN presents : Everything Radio can do in one day - by Cashmere Radio &! Sunday 30 September 15;00-01:00, on air, on line and on site!

Auditive Social Network will meet at Westgermany for a whole day of radio experiments, interviews, panels,concerts and even a book launch with exhibition. Live on 88.4 FM Berlin & 90.7 FM Potsdam.
15.00 - selection of Cashmere Radio and original
17.00 - research presentation with TBA
18.00 - interview with Rada Nastai
and live sound collage by Dj Shlucht
19.00 - And Now: the Future of Radio!
panel discussion with
Cashmere Radio, and Wearebornfree Eradio
20.00 - live performance by Max Eilbacher
21.00 - live concert by Ansgar Wilken
and XDC (ex DC)