Susanne Sachsse and Marc Siegel are on the beat in Geneva and Amherst respectively, so Vaginal Davis and Daniel Hendrickson decided to take a trip back to the ghost of CHEAP past, meandering through the streets of Los Angeles.

We started early at Club Sucker (Santa Monica Blvd & Virgil) listening to the Geraldine Fibbers and the Butchies, but then we were hungry so we went to Little Armenia (Sunset Blvd & Normandie). In the meantime Susanne and Ligia Lewis checked in from Geneva with the rest of the cast in Ligia’s new piece. But back on Sunset there were Chicken Wars brewing. Harout Pamboukjian was trying to be discreet, but you could tell that he was hurt. Glen Meadmore, ever the peacemaker, tried to intercede, but by the time we got out of Hollywood and back to Los Feliz, things were reaching a fever pitch. Even KLVE Radio Amor didn’t seem to help. Fortunately Glen Danzig suggested that we go to Malibu, and when we got there, Phranc was having none of it in her matter-of-fact, Jewish-lesbian-folksinger sort of way. So we took the long drive down to Alhambra (Grandview Drive) and no one got shot, not even the Ronettes. By that time we realized it was too late to make it back to Bricktops in time (Santa Monica Blvd & Spalding), so we just came back to Berlin and slept off the Zankou Chicken.