CHEAP Funk Mr. and Mrs AIDS. It is World AIDS Day. We are CHEAP. We are live in the studio. We are thinking of our friends and admired acquaintances who died from complications resulting from AIDS and who are living with HIV and AIDS. We are thinking of today and tomorrow and yesterday. We are playing Nancy Walker of course. And Doris Day. And reading Gil Cuadros. We have no words. But we continue as continue we must. Reza Abdoh. Extra Fancy. Neneh Cherry knows the story. Jungle Brothers too. And Aztec Camera. Brontez Purnell, we do not care how big your dig is. We love you. And Rosemary Clooney too. Everything but the girl. Cazuza. Guillaume Dustan, we will never forget what you made possible in this world. Susanne Sachsse reads from Saint Derek Jarman. He was in love. We must remember to love and fuck like we did and do. David Wojnarowicz and Diamanda Galas and 3TeensKill4. We loved and love and fuck and fuck. CHEAP Funk. Mr. and Mrs. AIDS