Tonight the first part of the program will be joined by sound artist and composer Jasmine Guffond ( Together we will speak about her sound works and about “Degradation Loops”, her new release published by Karlrecords. After DJ JD Zazie will be ...Read More

Two presented compositions are taken from an album Klima (Climate) by Staš Vrenko released in March 2018 under a Slovenian label for improvised and experimental music “Zvočni prepihi”. Author holds a degree in sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana but ...Read More

SissiFM#107 To the music of Dorothy Ashby and in conversation with the musicians Stella Chiwese and Mary Ocher (english&german) Tonight we are focusing on two musicians from the first concert night on april 20th: Stella Chiwese and Mary Ocher feat. The Government, who ...Read More

In the video shared from the Twitter account, an activist who speaks Turkish and wearing a yellow vest, points to the shooting TRTNews team (from Turkey) in Paris , "TRT does not give any action in their own countries, does ...Read More

Viele freie Radios schaffen, die maulwurfartig die Lücken und Wirren der Wiedervereinigung nutzen – diese Vision formulierte der älteste aktive linke, freie Radiosender Dreyeckkland zu Beginn der 1990er Jahre. Für die Radiomacher*innen verwies die spezifische Situation der Wiedervereinigung auf die ...Read More

Wie bei seinem Label und seinen DJ-Sets geht es Markus Detmer auch im Staubgold Radio darum, selten gehörte Musik abseits des Mainstreams zu präsentieren. Musik, die aus dem Rahmen fällt - ob Exotica, Jazz, Punk, Krautrock, Reggae oder elektronische Musik ...Read More

In the second episode of Tales from beneath host Nina Kettiger explores the potential of divination in a technological era, and how certain art practices can be seen a forms of divination, with special guest Zoe Darsee and sound piece ...Read More