Berlin Vs Baton Rouge! Curator and musician Cindy Wonderful mixes fun and hyper electronica and underground hiphop from Berlin and Baton Rouge, Louisiana in Your Mom’s On The Radio new show featuring Mary Ocher, Peaches, Electrosexual, Hyenaz, and many more!

Scream Club - Fire
Disco Intellectuals - I’m Not Superficial
Mary Ocher - Man Vs Air
Valerie Renay - Kick Again
Electrosexual - The Way They Make You Feel
Hyenaz vs Ena Lind - Critical Magic
Peaches ft Fiest - I Mean Something
Leonard Deleonard vs A Band Name Hycoriii - A Band Name Hycoriii
Level ft Mouse On Da Track - I Bet You Won’t
Dlove King - Born Ta Win
Queen Qui - Well Grounded
BLVE - Broken Home
Marcel P Black ft MegaRan - Work Harder
Joe R$$H - Chip Juice Skit
Hydra Plane ft _thesmoothcat - Liquid Minute
Ameal Cameron - Ready To Go
Lorena and the Bobbits - Hillbilly Butch Dykes (Berlin)