layout_feb_20191Lisa & Lyon´s Raw Cuts is a show on Berlin radio station It presents a 1-hour-mix of tracks from the polyrhythmic soulful underground.

Lisa & Lyon´s Raw Cuts presents a 1-hour-mix of new tracks from the polyrhythmic soulful underground:

Eli Keszler > We Live In Pathetic Temporal Urgency
Young Echo > Sedated
Milo > Aubergine Cloak
Jpeg Mafia > Whole Foods
Benjamin Lamar Gay > Jubilee
Wen > Silhouette
Topdown Dialectic > A1
Everything Is Recorded > Mountains Of Gold
Milo > Stet
Lolina > The Missing Evidence
Lojii > Lo In The Jungle
Armand Hammer > Root Farm
Allysha Joy > Honesty
Milo > Lowcoup
Kemikal > Genie
Eli Keszler > Bell Underpinnings
Jon Hassell > Dreaming
Jean Grae & Quelle Chris > Everythings Still Fine (feat. Nick Offerman)