c7com7ewgaaqjhqGet an update on what’s happening with the right wing worldwide and it’s still Black History Month since March was full of more fuckery from the white. Featuring Diana Arce (she/her), Tina Lee (she/her), Marah Hambrecht (she/her)  and Moira Barrett (she/her) presented by Artists Without a Cause and Wählen Gegen Rechts.
“Stop trying to make oikophobia happen, Gretchen, it’s not going to happen.”
Thierry Baudet aka this fucking guy
Program Notes (not in show order!):
Wählen Gegen Rechts: Stand der Dinge. For those looking for more info on the issues we talked about on on the show, here’s a list of links:

Art/Artifact Repatriation to Africa & Macron opens can of worms
Book/Podcast Recommendations:
Updates from what we talked Last Show
  • Little Simz - Boss - Grey Area, 2018
  • Rico Nasty - Rage - Nasty, 2018
  • Remy Ma ft./ Lil Kim - Wake Me Up - 2017
  • TV on the Radio - Dancing Choose - Dear Science - 2008
  • Malcolm X - On Black Power -