screen-shot-2019-02-19-at-144124Your Mom’s new show features another artist from techno collective Art Bei Ton, Berlin-based Japanese DJ-producer Halada. His mix sports a techno that goes from ambient to drony, with an indus and electro flair, made for long nights on the dancefloor. More on his Soundcloud and next Art Bei Ton event info HERE.
Oisel - Teros
A Thousand Details - Reface3 v3 Remix
Dark Quadrant - Casimir
DYAD - Salvage
Vertical Spectrum - Faith Vertical Spectrum Remix
BILY - Rotura
Wrong Assessment - Virtual Hand
Corinthian - Chancellor of Mercy
Eg0n - Cognitive
Jeroen Search - Steady Pulse
Eg0n - Oxyroom
DRT - Haier
Mr. G - Invert
Jorg Rodriguez - BETA X
Bernardo Hangar - Antitesis