Guest: Alice Cannavà, Occulto Magazine ( Playlist Nana Bianca / JD Zazie - Glis Glis Bombina Unprofessional - Arrested technology 0.0 Ongon - Uganda - Exuvia - Loup Editions Von Tesla – Three Million Milliseconds on a Spectrum of Infinite Boom - Occulto ...Read More

Juan Rulfo, in full Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez Rulfo Vizcaíno, (born May 16, 1917, Acapulco, Mexico — died January 7, 1986, Mexico City), Mexican writer who is considered one of the finest novelists and short-story creators in 20th-century Latin America, though his production—consisting essentially ...Read More

A few weeks ago I had the chance to interview curator Bhavisha Panchia, founder and creator of Nothing To Commit Records (NTCR). As a research and publishing platform, NTCR is dedicated to the production and expansion of knowledge ...Read More

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How do research-driven visual art practices in and with photography exchange, discuss, and present their ways of knowing? Artists and photographers Anna Larissa Araz and Öykü Canli provide a space for it in Istanbul: It`s name is Poşe, located in ...Read More

Formine ist ein klitzekleines italienischen Bergdorf am Lago Maggiore, wo letztes Jahr eine erste Radiosendung zum Ort und dem Verein entstanden ist, der sich in den 80er Jahren gegründet hat. Zur Vereinssitzung an Ostern war ich ein weiteres Mal vor ...Read More

"WHY IS A DATE?" is the first of Radio shows from Fetesh Tarekegn ; a Gardner, artist and Dj. In this show he and friends KUIPERS BART and CLAIRE discuss the fable, reality and all around intrigue that is online ...Read More