A few weeks ago I had the chance to interview curator Bhavisha Panchia, founder and creator of Nothing To Commit Records (NTCR). As a research and publishing platform, NTCR is dedicated to the production and expansion of knowledge related to contemporary art, literature and music within and across the global South. Simultaneously, NTCR is a space for collecting records. Touching on issues of the sonic, of sourcing and of resourcing, Bhavisha and I held a conversation about the desire and necessity for such platforms and practices to exist locally in the global South. In this broadcast, we take a moment to listen to thoughts and developments of the platform after its permanent (re)location in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In tonights broadcast we’ll be hearing music from the collection featuring music from: Xuxa Santamaria – Billionair Rainbow; Simnikwe Buhlungu, Nathaniel Sheppard III and Chad Cordeiro – State Proof VI; Music From Saharan Cellphones; Uchronia – Bambara Affirmations, Relaxation Cassette; 1115 – Post Europe.