DJ JD Zazie mix, with following pieces: *Laura Cannell - Landmark - The Sky Untuned *The Hafler Trio - In the Cradle - Devastate To Liberate *Steve Moore - No - The Threshold Of Liberty *Felicia Atkinson - Linguistics of Atoms - The Flower ...Read More

Just a minute…can you show me this?... And that to?…and THAT….?.. I’m sorry I don’t like it. A cup of tea, the light, the socket, the tap, a fork, a knife, a spoon, a plate, a glass, another chair, there’s no ...Read More

It is Songs we taught your mother #4 @ausland in Berlin. The last and final evening of the series at ausland with the wonderful guests Nonku Phiri in a musical dialogue with Beverly Glenn-Copeland. Beverly Glenn-Copeland is a great artist, writing ...Read More

How do research-driven visual art practices in and with photography exchange, discuss, and present their ways of knowing? Artists and photographers Anna Larissa Araz and Öykü Canli provide a space for it in Istanbul: It`s name is Poşe, located in ...Read More

Wir haben die Performance-Künstlerin Janine Eisenächer zu Gast und sprechen mit ihr über ihre Lecture und Sound Performance „Doing sounds with things #1", die sie im November 2018 bei Errant Sound in der Kollwitzstraße aufgeführt hat. Wie gehen die Dinge ...Read More