Part of the series fearless radio curated by Anna Raimondo and
Younes Baba Ali who initiated the sound and radio art platform Saout Radio in Morocco. Initial broadcast by Kunstradio ORF on 2 March 2014.

This program deals with the reality of minors in some militarised societies. From the minds of teenagers who refuse to serve in the Israeli army (in ‘refuse: military.01’), to the experience of female ex-child combatants in Sierra Leone.

Challenged by Foucaoult’s concept of Parrhesia, this show transmits the voices of children and youth who were appropriated/abused/killed by adults and armed forces.

… it is a verbal activity in which the subject express his personal relation to truth taking the risk of life because he recognises that telling the truth is his own duty in order to improve or help other people. In Parrhesia the speaker uses his freedom and chooses truth instead of lie, death instead of life and security, criticism instead of flattery, duty instead of interest and selfishness…” (Michel Foucault Audio Archive. Discourse and Truth: Parrhesia, 1983).

Segments from three separate projects are complied here:
refuse: military.01 (2014, HearSay Radio Art Prize 2015),
Infantry (2002), and Face_WSLOT (2004-06).

featuring: Issa Amro, Guy Harries, Floy Krouchi, Paul Kendall, Noam Gur, Anita Jackson, Mahade Pako, Chris Conteh, Yan Keller.

refuse: military.01
(Anita Jackson)_Suzanna (from Face_WSLOT)
(Collective)_GoodToGo (Face_WSLOT)
(Chris Conteh)_OperationStampin’Stomach (Face_WSLOT)
(Chris Conteh)_Options (Face_WSLOT)
(Collective)_Mummy (Face_WSLOT)
(Collective)_Touch (Face_WSLOT)
The School (from Infantry)
Box (Infantry)
The Car (Infantry)
Bad Toys (Infantry)
The Hospital (Infantry)