August we are talking about Ai Weiwei leaving Germany, big Politaoke news and India’s new position on Kashmir with special guest Kaustubh Srikanth. Featuring Diana Arce (she/her), Tina Lee (she/her) presented by Artists Without a Cause and Wählen Gegen Rechts.

Program Notes (not in show order!):

Arts & Activism Round Up from Diana, reporting from Finland

- NYC: Vice-chairman of Whitney Museum Board of Trustees, Warren Kanders, finally resigns after protests from Biennial artists & Decolonize This Place regarding his owning of weapons manufacturers.

- NYC: Women’s Suffrage Monument sculpture for Central Park is revised to include Sojourner Truth since women’s rights isn’t just about white women. This will be the 1st sculpture of female historical figures put up in Central Park!

- JAPAN: 10 artists demand their work be removed from the Aichi Trienniale after the early closing of a section of the exhibition challenging japanese censorship of art.

- GERMANY: BDS calls for the boycott of 3 german clubs, Connie Island (Leipzig), Golden Pudel (Hamburg), and ://about:blank (Berlin), for their anti-Palestinian stance. Connie Island (Leipzig) is also being boycotted by leftist for their embracing of the AfD loving far right speakers.

- BERLIN: Ai WeiWei came to the realization that Germany is too intolerant of a place to live. In an interview with die Welt he spoke about german culture and the racism he faced that was discounted by authorities as “cultural differences.”Maybe he should’ve brought this up with the AfD’s Alice Weidel last year, when he took a selfie with her.

- SACHSEN: Politaoke, Diana’s nonpartisan political karaoke bar, will be touring through Sachsen just in time for the local elections taking place September 1st. Follow the tour from August 23rd to September 1st on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! Also check the site for updates! We’ll also be at the Unteilbar demo in
Dresden (Aug, 24th) with swag!

Stande der Dinge special on India and Kashmir ft. Kaustubh Srikanth

- Billionaire rapist Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide while awaiting trial and virtually no one believes the official explanation.

- The NYT documents a globalist effort by shady Americans and Russians to spread far-right propaganda about Sweden- one of the chief propagandists is now the US national security advisor!

- India’s far-right Hindu nationalist BJP has more power than ever- and has started to make big moves to wield, producing fear in India’s minority communities. Some suggested further reading:

- Kashmir Explainer: From Article 370 to Article 3, Modi-Shah Upend the Constitution (theWire.in)

- Humiliation, suffering and impunity: Questions before India as a constitutional democracy (Scroll.in)

-The Silence is the Loudest Sound (NYT)


Monsters in Your Head by Ganesh Talkies

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To the Moon and Back by Fever Ray

Where Eagles Dare by The Misfits

Don’t Let go by Yo Majesty

Pictures of Me by Amanda Palmer

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