from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea: a Soundscape of an Occupation 2018

New Radiophonic compositions, Curated and Produced for Radiokunst-Kunstradio ORF Vienna, in the frame of the Nebenan - Erkundungen in Europas Nachbarschaft: Israel Serie.
Image by Muhammad Jabali

North Jordan Valley 2018 by Meira Asher

There is a project by the Israeli state to make life intolerable for the Palestinians remaining in the Jordan valley, the West Bank, for the purposes of de-facto annexation of this land and its resources. This introductory composition is focused on the evacuation/demolition orders issued to the Palestinian communities by the Israeli Civil Administration.
Voices: families of the North Jordan Valley, Guy Hircefeld, Meira Asher 
Lexical assistance: Liam Evans
Thanks: Elisabeth Zimmermann, Susanna Niedermayr.
* if you wish to help the Palestinian community at the North Jordan Valley, please contact me at: [email protected]

Soundinista Meira Asher is occupied with HR intervention, social documentary, radio art, and the expression/transition of traditional rhythms in/to contemporary music. Her work has been released on Crammed, Sub Rosa and Auditorium. Co-founder of the ‘bodylab art foundation’ in The Hague (2001-2011), Lecturer at the University of Haifa, and producer of radioart106. In 2018 she will release a vinyl based on Antonin Artaud’s last radio play ‘to have done with the Judgement of god’ in the Hebrew language.

The Sea That You Cannot See by Dganit Elyakim
dedicated to Haitham Khatib

How do you deliver a message of hope in our forlorn reality? Maybe the answer lies in the sea, which is completely indifferent to the nations that “rule” its beach shores, they rise and fall, like the sea waves.

I asked my friends to describe the sea to their beloveds from the other side of the barrier, the ones who are prevented from approaching it.
The actor, director and writer Mohamad Bakri described the sea to his friend Hassan;
Hanan Zaid Elkilani, a young, emerging art student, portrayed the sea to her father’s friend, Prof. Ahsan Eldick,  from Nablus; Maya Felixbrodt (viola) played for  the freedom fighters Ahed (16) and Nariman Tamimi from Nabi Saleh; Adaya Godlevsky (harp) dedicated her playing to the children of Palestine; and Samira Saraya painted the sea in words and sang for her family in the refugee camp in Jenin.

Dganit Elyakim is a composer and an artist. Her music depicts various aspects of the human and digital paradigm. Her oeuvre includes chamber, vocal, and electroacoustic compositions, as well as music for theatre, dance, new-media and video. In 2016, she released her debut album “Failing Better”. Lecturer at Shenkar College and  artistic director of “The Unbearable Lightness of Coherency” concert series. In 2018,  she will be  a guest artist at La Cité Internationale Des Arts in Paris and at Styria Artist in Residence in Graz.

Lascia Vibrare: There’s a Family Living by Eran Sachs
Dedicated to Michael Zupraner

At the center of this piece there is a field recording of a family, captured from a distance. On first listen there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly special about this recording; but over the course of this reportage it becomes apparent that the act of documentation may register more than one might have initially suspected.

Eran Sachs is a composer, improviser and sound-artist working in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. He has been playing his unpredictable analogue system - the No-input Mixer - both solo and in various collaborative projects. He was a member of the International Hyperion Ensemble, which revolves around the works of the Romanian composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram. His work oftentime fuses the political and the sonic, drawing on the multilayered complex context of the unfortunate region in which he lives.

An Audio Guide to Occupation_part01_A-D by Ma’ayan Tsadka

an audio guide to occupation is a sonic archive, using found materials from the daily life in occupied Palestine. It makes use of minimum sound manipulations.Mostly isolating moments, categorizing, and at times layering. It is intended to be an ongoing documentation

A. Means of Intimidation
Israeli military night raid
B. Means of Crowd Control
Tear Gas
The Skunk: Water Cannon
C. Means of Killing
Rubber-Coated Steel Bullets
Live Ammunition
Air Strike on Gaza
D.Means of resistance

Musician, composer and teacher Ma’ayan Tsadka, composes sounds for people, instruments, objects, buildings, metal rails, and more. Current activity and research topics include: underwater sonic-scapes, site-specific pieces, audio/visual pieces, and echo/resonance in musical, political, and social context: from the rhythms of protest chants, to a series of site-specific pieces which calls for active participation and challenges common musical hierarchies. Completed a DMA in music composition at UCSC, Currently resides in Jaffa and teaches at Haifa university.