Latitude shift by DJ JD Zazie Playlist * Microtub – Chronic Shift - Chronic Shift - Bohemian Drips * Organum - Raven XI - Raven - Siren Records * Edgard Varèse - Poème Électronique ‎– The Complete Works - Decca * Jeremy Young - Reel ...Read More

In the spring of 2018, the temporary lesbian bar Mothers & Daughters opened in Brussels. This opening brought together a community in deficit. In deficit of place, of celebration and of collective rituals. In the wake of this event whose ...Read More

The former GDR watchtower on Schlesischer Busch has a long tradition of cultural and artistic production ever since Reunification. In recent years, the building has become a place for artists, writers, choreographers, and other thinkers that have been invited to ...Read More

Radiosalon für Alltägliches zum Thema Orte aktivieren. Für diese Sendung haben wir mit Christof Zwiener und Silke Nowak über ihre nomadischen Projekträume, ihr kuratorisches Selbstverständnis und ihr Interesse an der Arbeit mit verschiedenen Orten und Öffentlichkeiten gesprochen. Christof Zwieners aktuelles Projekt heißt ...Read More

On this episode, María do Mar Castro Varela and Aïcha Diallo talk with activists Denise Garcia Bergt and Jennifer Kamau who are the founding members of the feminist collective International Women Space (IWS) in Berlin. International Women* Space was founded in 2012 ...Read More